Time Of My Life video released by Little Monsters

This video for “Time of My Life” was filmed and edited a few days ago in France. The song, which appears on my Little Monsters: Most Of Them Blue.s record, is dedicated to wife number two,  had issues with drugs. As you can probably tell, this song not only owes A LOT to Keith Richards but also to Mark Knopfler. I play both the electric guitar and the Dobro.

A bit more detail about my debut record. It was recorded and produced by influential bassist and French music producer Laurent Thibault at Le Château, Angers, France. The collection features eight of my original songs and three Peter Green and Joe Tex covers.

The record features guitarists Alexandre Valette, Hervé Legeay ((San Severino) and Henry Serafini, drummers Bernard Doucin, Manu Aligon and Gabor Turi and bassists Yanik Legoff, Francis Moze (ex Magma and Gong) and Laurent Thibault (Bowie, Magma, Iggy Pop). Francis also played keyboards with Etienne Tissot playing harmonic. Marie Bourget, Jérôme Desbois and Jonathan Lloyd provide backing vocals.

Here are the lyrics. Enjoy.


Verse :

I thought I could live all my life with you babe
Most people dream of it so why can’t we ?
I did my best and worked a lot but maybe
The dice were loaded from the start so you see

Chorus :
(I had the time of my life )
Walking away from you
(I had the time of my life )
Now he’ll get rid of you
(I had the time of my life )
Won’t have to stay with you
(I had the time of my life )
Now he is over you

Verse :

Too many sleepless nights waiting for you
Too many hours wondering what to do
Desperately trying to get you to
Clean up your life (act ?)

Chorus :
Bridge :

It could’ve been so different you know girl
Not just another story ‘bout swines and pearls
It could’ve been so different
But you did
Act as if you were totally stupid




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