An absolute gem of a track, among a plethora of diamonds

Stephen Harrison, Blues Matters!

An absolute gem of a track, among a plethora of diamonds

Delighted to have received such a positive review from Stephen Harrison, who writes for prestigious UK music magazine, Blues Matters!  These are the words that appeared in the June/July 2021 edition.

Little Monsters
Most of the Blues

Laurent Moitrot is not a name that I was familiar with until he sent me an email saying that he was sending me an album for a possible review in BM. So, imagine my surprise when the vinyl copy arrived at my door. Little Monsters, who I also knew nothing about, are the band that LM has gathered around him. The opening track, The Teacher, is as blues as you could get. The vocals are full of passion and feeling which is exactly what you want to hear on any blues album. As well as contributing the vocals, LM also shows his skills on the guitar. The next two songs are covers of Peter Green songs, Watch Out, and Looking For Somebody. Both tunes are slightly different from the originals, but still have that unmistakable Peter Green ambience about them. Please Call Me carries on the pure blue theme of the previous tracks, not intending to deviate in any way, shape, or form from what this band and does best, play authentic blues. I’m disappointed in myself for not hearing of these guys before. Side 2 begins with I Wanna Be Free which has a slightly harder edge to it. It leans more heavily onto the electric side of the blues, and that goes down very well with this writer. It brings a howling wail to the proceedings that intersperse with the electric guitar to give it a guttural feeling. Three times A Fool, for me, is the best track on what is a very good album. Every track is good, but this seems to raise itself ever so slightly above the parapet. An absolute gem of a track, among a plethora of diamonds. Come With Me ends this truly remarkable album. It has been a joy to listen to it. I emailed LM to thank him for sending it to me, and asked why he had chosen to send me a vinyl copy? Because I want you to hear it properly, came the reply.

Stephen Harrison
Blues Matters!
June/July 2021




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