STOP PRESS: Little Monsters will be performing this Saturday 21st May 2022 at the Anjou Tattoo Show.

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Bonjour. Hello. My name is Laurent Moitrot. I am a French blues singer and guitarist.

Welcome to my page. I’d like to introduce your ears to ‘Little Monsters: Most of them Blue·s’

You can buy the LP either in vinyl and CD (£18) or CD only (£6.99).

Above: Here is my first video for “Time Of My Life.”

Below, check out the first single off the album, “Please Call Me.”

“Please Call Me.”

Visit my Bandcamp page for more music.



Excellent , bravo vraiment génial j’adore !

Marionneau philippe


Excellent album, Lolo!

Simon Rowberry

I know good music

I love it. I’m hardly a blues aficionado, but I know and love good music. This album is 🔥really🔥 good music!

Brent Howard

Loire Valley Blues

An excellent Loire Valley blues / rock album

Alex La Pointe

A plethora of diamonds

Every track is good, but this seems to raise itself ever so slightly above the parapet. An absolute gem of a track, among a plethora of diamonds.

Stephen Harrison

Blues Matters!

Story of the blues

Laurent’s love of the blues shines through every note of this very personal album

Andrew Field


Blues as could get!

The opening track, The Teacher, is as blues as you could get. The vocals are full of passion and feeling which is exactly what you want to hear on any blues album. 

Stephen Harrison

Reviewer, Blues Matters!